Shopping Tips and Most asked Questions

Duty Free Questions

How much Liquor can you bring to GCM? You can bring in as much of any alcoholic beverage you want. However, you must (be over 18) then you are able to bring in the following per person without having to pay any duty on it: Roughly 1 case of beer (12 oz. containers) 4 liters of Wine 1 liter of Hard Stuff Checked, carry-on, doesn't matter. www.customs.gov.ky/portal/page…

Is there a Duty Free store at the airport when you arrive in Grand Cayman to buy liquor? There are duty free stores however you must purchase your duty free from the city you depart from. Example: in Atlanta many folks buy there and it is delivered to air plane before departure.

Are Duty free purchases leaving the island a good deal? YES! You are limited to 2 liters of alcohol per adult. If you have a continuing flight after reaching U.S. and need to claim your bags and recheck (or if you are driving out of Atlanta), be sure to leave some room in your checked bag to put in the liquor for you, once again will be going thru a TSA security check .

Duty Free Shopping

Many luxury items such as jewelry, watches, leather goods and cameras are duty free as well as being free from sales tax. (Editor's note: in this context, duty free means the Government has not added any import or customs duty to items when they are imported into Cayman, and tax free refers to the absence of any form of sales tax in the Islands). Without the mark-up of duty fees, sales tax, GST or VAT, island retail prices can be considerably less than in mainland countries

Buying In Bulk

The following are good wholesale stores if you are looking for bulk items like nappies, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, paper towel etc. Priced Right and Cost-U-Less both sell an array of different items, from appliances and furniture to electronic equipment. Cost-U-Less Governors Square, 51 Lime Tree Bay AveTel: (345) 745 5377. Priced Right Two stores: Fosters Airport and West BayTel: (345) 949 5155

Shopping tips

Please note that most retail stores and supermarkets are closed on Sundays in the Cayman Islands.  If you arrive late Saturday or Sunday, you may want to use a Grocery shopping service.  Note the Gas stations/convenient stores are open to buy snacks, drinks and some food items.

Most stores offer their prices in US dollars, grocery stores are in CI dollars.  When in doubt just ask.

Stores in George Town are busy on cruise ship days best time to shop is Friday and Saturday.

When shopping in Georgetown the prices get lower the further from the port you go. Don't purchase right away. Walk down a few blocks and you will find better deals.

One thing that you can always be assured of is that you will pay no sales tax in the Cayman Islands. If you see a product listed at $2.10, when you go to the checkout counter you can expect to hand the cashier exactly two dollars and a dime and be on your way.

Each US citizen (including children) can bring up to $800.00 of goods and duty free the amounts are collective so a family of three would have a $2,400 duty allowance.

Local products such an arts, crafts, and Tortuga rum cakes are entirely duty free and can bring back unlimited quantities' in addition to your duty allowance.