Best activities - Divetech is Grand Cayman's full service dive resort for world-class diving, offering the best quality training available, both recreational and technical, along with some great dive and room packages with Holiday Inn Resort, Lighthouse Point Dive Resort, Sunshine Suites and Grandview Condo’s on Seven Mile Beach.  Daily boat trips are 2-tank and 100% computer profiles, for 2 x 1-hour dives!  Both morning and afternoon 2-tank trips are run to provide you with as many options as you'd like.  USS Kittiwake snorkel/dive wreck tours and Stingray City trips are run several times a week to play with the Rays at the World’s Best Dive site - 12 feet of critters and fun! Their new location at Holiday Inn Resort offers particularly quick access to Stingray City and the North walls.  They have a world class shore dive at Lighthouse Point Dive Resort for beginners to advanced divers, reefs teaming with marine life.  Plus the deep wall, only 10 minutes from dock with underwater navigations lines or follow a coral finger to canyons and pinnacles to the shear deep wall.  This offers a natural multi-level dive for those more adventurous.  Dive packages all include unlimited complimentary shore diving for your afternoons and evenings as you desire, perfect to compliment your boat diving package.

Divetech has a dedicated training center, offering courses from learn-to-dive through Advanced diving, including many specialties.  Open circuit and CCR divers are welcome, with a full range of support including 18 knowledgeable Instructors on staff, equipment and all those little extras that you might need plus certification courses, or try a No Bubble diving experience for a 1/2 day to check them out!  KIDS Diving Programs from ages 8 and up are available year round to offer diving freedom to Mom and Dad, while your young ones are fully supervised in youth approved PADI or SSI diving courses.

They offer:

  • 2-tank and 1-tank dives (12 or 16 guests + 3 staff; 2 in-water 1 top side; 100% computer profiles)
  • Shore diving in buddy teams or guided shore dives.
  • Guided or unguided underwater DPV/scooter Dives
  • West Bay Express scooter dive
  • Kids dive/snorkel/swim programs - 1/2 day fully supervised sessions from kids 5 and up
  • Complimentary pickup service along Seven Mile Beach condo’s and hotels
  • Guided night Flouro Discovery dives on Monday and Thursday nights
  • Full range of equipment rental from kids to adults including pay 5 and get 2 days free!
  • Experience programs: Intro to diving (resort course), Rebreather experiences, Free diving, snorkeling, sidemount diving
  • Full range of scuba training programs from kids to adults!

Divetech reservations (345) 946-5658 Divetech at Lighthouse Point Dive Resort (345) 949-1700 after hours (345) 926-5658 www.divetech.com

Check out Jo’s Top Ten! Joanna Mikutowicz is Managing Partner of DiveTech, one of the great dive operators on Grand Cayman. Jo, or “Pinky Jo” as her friends call her, recently gave us her top ten favorite Grand Cayman dive sites. Enjoy!

Nancy Easterbrook, founder of Divetech and two other dive pioneers of the Cayman Islands, were inducted into the 2015 International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame (ISDHF) in October, 2015.

Easterbrook started diving in 1973 and instantly developed a passion for the sport.  She moved with her two children, Brandee and Walker, to Grand Cayman in 1994 and started Divetech.  Easterbrook is considered a pioneer in technical diving, rebreathers, kids diving programs, the sport of breath-hold free diving and bringing Nitrox diving to Cayman, including co-authoring training manuals for students to learn free diving.  Inducted into the Women's Divers Hall of Fame in 2012, Nancy is the co-founder of Kids Sea Camp in Cayman and founder of Inner Space, both celebrating their 12th year, bringing together kids, family and rebreather divers from around the world to share knowledge, friendship and enjoy Grand Cayman’s underwater world. 

Nancy was the artificial reef project manager and major force in an 8-year project to find, clean and bring the Kittiwake to Cayman as an artificial reef, which came to fruition in 2011 and is now Grand Cayman’s #1 requested dive site.  Her latest achievement was the sinking of the 14’ bronze statue “Guardian of the Reef” dedicated to Ocean Conversation. 

Easterbrook has devoted the past 21 years to exploring all that diving has to offer and has championed many causes for the Cayman's environmental awareness in the marine and terrestrial ecosystem and Nancy was honored with the Governor’s 2014 Ocean Conservation Award.  She resides in West Bay, Grand Cayman with her husband and partner Jay.

Founded in 2000 by the Cayman Islands Ministry of Tourism, the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame recognizes international and local Cayman pioneers who have made outstanding contributions to the recreational scuba diving industry.