Cayman Islands Hot Picks


Favorite Food Hot Picks

Best Burgers:  on Island Sunshine Grill, Rocky's Mr Burger  Jerk Burger and Morgan's Harbour
Best Steak:  Cooper Falls
Best Farm to Market: Michaels Genuine, Brasserie
Best and only Kangaroo on the island: Tukka


Best Family Chick Place: Chicken Chicken
Best Rotisserie Chicken: Chicken Chicken, Fosters Food
Best Jerk Chicken:  Chef John on Public Beach and Seymour's



Best Fish Taco:  Sunshine Grill
Best Seafood: Agua, TheWharf, Cracked Conch, Calypso Grill
Best Sushi Karma, Mizu. and Youshi Sushi
Best Fish and Chips: Macabuca, Rackhams and Georgetown Yacht Club
Best Conch and Conch Chowder Cracked Conch
Best Conch Fritters: Cracked Conch Cracked Conch, Stingers Bar/Grill, Comfort Suites
Best Cerviche:  Agua
Best Calamari: Pappagallo
Best Local Lobster:  Deckers, Lobster Pot, Tukka
Best Live Maine Lobster: Tukka
Best Lion Fish: Guy Harvey, Michaels Genuine, Eagle Ray's Bar and Grill, Tukka

Breakfast Skillets and Breakfast deals: Cimboco
Best Eggs Benedict: Laurens,Waterfront Ubran Dinner
Best Cornbeef Hash: Cimboco
Best Hash Browns: Coconut Joes
Best Pancakes/ French Toast: Treats, Icoa

Best Wine List/Selection: Luca, Ragazzi and West Indies Wine Company
Best Beer Selection: Michael's Genuine and Craft
Best Pizza: Ragazzi Gina's Pizzeria, XQ's, la Dolce Vita
Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Waterfront Urban Dinner
Tuna Sandwich Ever Bloomin' Thing
Best Rum Cake: Tortuga Rum Cakes

Favorite Dessert Hot Picks

Best Desserts
Date & Walnut Pudding:  served warm with butterscotch sauce & ice cream- Tukka
Berry Fusion Cryogenically Frozen Ice Creams: Karma
Best Rum Cake: Tortuga Rum Cake
Pistachio Nut Soufflé, Osetra Bay
Best Cookies (Macaroons) Upper Crust
Bailey's Chocolate Cheesecake: Alfresco's
Sticky Toffee Pudding:Calypso Grill and Guy Harvey
Caramel Cheesecake: Treats

Favorite Specialty Drinks

Pain Killer Sunshine Grill
Mud Slide Wreck Grill and Driftwood Bar& Grill
Best Martini Cooper Falls
Blackberry Mojitoes Morgans Harbour
Best Beer Caybrew, Craft
Best Wines West Indies Wine Company, Premiere Wine
Best Rum: Seven Fathom and Tortuga