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Sunset Cove

Sunset Cove

Sunset Cove is located on beautiful Seven Mile Beach only about a mile from George Town. This property is a very popular spot for both families and couples. The vacation rental units are large and an ideal place for a private getaway or a way for several people to share accommodations to reduce the cost of an island holiday.

There is no better sunset setting on the entire island. You might think once you've seen a sunset, you've seen them all, but each one truly is unique and they provide amazing photo opportunities. The beach in front of the condos becomes a popular gathering place during Happy Hour because everyone wants to enjoy the breathtaking sunset. The colors, clouds, and sunset are never the same. If you get a perfect sunset with no clouds in front of the horizon, you might even be lucky enough to see the "infamous" green flash.

Sunset Cove features the largest swimming pool on Seven Mile Beach with a swim-up snack and cocktail bar, a whirl-pool, and a separate shallow wading pool for small children. This property is close to a variety of restaurants, shopping, nightlife, water sports and much more. Relax and enjoy a gorgeous view of the ocean from your very own patio or balcony of an oceanfront or ocean view condominium. The oceanfront units are less than 100 feet from the crystal clear Caribbean Sea! All units have two full bathrooms, a full kitchen (including a microwave and dishwasher), clothes washer and dryer, central A/C, and cable TV. Sunset Cove also has friendly, welcoming, and trusted personnel on-site for any questions or needs that may arise while a guest is on-island.

One of the best things about Sunset Cove is having full access to the most popular swim-up bar on the entire Island. Everyone can enjoy Billy Bones, regardless of what you are looking for. Whether looking for a great sandwich, a rum punch, or an evening of entertainment, Billy Bones has it all! Children love the ability to swim up to the bar and not have to take a break from their swimming to get lunch. Kids usually think it is pretty "cool" to be able to eat their lunch while sitting in the water. Adults love to use Billy Bones as a place to socialize. There is never a lack of activity at the "water side" of the bar or the "land side" of the bar. They have friendly bartenders who can mix any island drink ever created. In addition, there are big screen TVs that show popular American sports, including NFL football, basketball, and baseball. The land side of Billy Bones is open to anyone and is often considered the most popular bar on the island. However, you must be staying at Sunset Cove to utilize the water side of the bar, which keeps the pool off-limits to non-guests, allowing the guests to enjoy the pool without it being over-crowded. So whether enjoying Happy Hour 2-for-1 rum punch or grabbing lunch with your kids, Billy Bones is a great spot for everyone.

A $750,000 beach improvement project was completed in November of 2010. By coupling this beautiful new beach and protected swimming cove with the terrific snorkeling reef directly in front of the property, Sunset Cove has become one of the most desirable beach properties on Seven Mile Beach. It is also a great location to introduce children to the sport of snorkeling. If they have never done it before, we recommend teaching them in the pool first. It's a lot less frustrating getting pool water in your eyes and mouth, than the sting of salt water. Once they have it down, take them out into the new enclosed cove area before venturing out to the beautiful reef to see an array of tropical fish and coral.

Sunset Cove is also a wonderful spot to tie the knot. There is no more romantic place than Grand Cayman in the world for weddings, honeymoons, or anniversaries. Having a wedding in Grand Cayman turns one of the most stressful days of your life into one of the most relaxing days of your life. Forget the tuxes and dress shoes. Trade them in for button up island shirts and bare feet. The beach at Sunset Cove is a romantic setting for a destination wedding. With a large number of units available for rent, Sunset Cove can accommodate both small and large groups. A bride and groom can plan the entire wedding from their home, without a single visit to discuss particulars. Sherril from the Heart of Cayman, one of the wedding planners on island, can handle the floral arrangements, minister, photographer, and set-up and take-down. All the bride and groom have to worry about is showing up. There is no better backdrop for a wedding than the newly created cove with the stunning Cayman sunset dropping to the horizon.

Sunset Cove is a great place for a family, a couple or a group to make vacation memories. Give Cayman Condos a call at 1-800-999-1338 (641-435-2001) to make Sunset Cove your next vacation destination….you’ll be glad you did!

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Sunset Cove Condominiums
299 West Bay Road
Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

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