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Passenger Pick of The Month is ABACUS, a contemporary, elegant and sophisticated restaurant famous for its Prime Rib, in Camana Bay.  Abacus features a trendy bar and outdoor lounge.  Experience a truly unique atmosphere with an open kitchen concept.  Indulge your senses with their signature Bellini cocktail while the chefs create an interactive dining experience, unique to the Caribbean lifestyle.  Enjoy lunch, dinner and their classical breakfast every Saturday.  The cuisine maintains a contemporary feel, with a fresh and stylish flair.  Truly, a modern and metropolitan experience in a fashionable Caribbean setting!  Abacus is a true Camana Bay favorite!  To learn more about this awesome pick we caught up with Marcus Mueir to get all the exciting news and changes happening at the restaurant.

PP:  Where did you get the name Abacus?  What does it mean?  What was the vision behind the name?

MM:  The name ABACUS came from a play with letters and words until the time we loved it.  As well the famous wine ABACUS, the biggest and boldest Wine in the world, blending various vintages of Cabernets and creation magic.  ABACUS on the other hand is a Chinese counting method, either way, it represents quality and style, and this is what we are.

PP:  Did a lot of thought go into picking Camana Bay as a location?

MM:  Camana Bay actually selected us to launch the first dining restaurant at Camana Bay, a privilege and a challenge.  We were there from the beginning, a wonderful journey and certainly a special to be a part of the foundation of this wonderful town.

PP:  Tell us about your chef team.  And what do they bring to the Table?

MM:  The Chefs, carefully selected from all over the world, to have the touch to work with local ingredients.  Chef Will O’Hara, a Chef specialized in Ocean and Farm to Table and this is why we like him so much.  Freshness is key and if you can find it on your door step, why bother shipping it in?  Local farmers and Fisherman are the perfect source for healthy living, nutritious food and just flavor.

PP:  Passengers say you have the best Prime Rib on the island!  Is there any special preparation or seasoning involved to make it so tender and tasty?

MM:  Our Prime Rib is certified Black Angus, the king of meat.  We gently marinate it over night with fresh herbs and touch of French mustard, slow roasted to perfection.  The secret is, buy the best, give it some local flavor and cook it to perfection.

PP:  Many Passengers love Saturday nights at Abacus!  Tell us about live Flamenco Saturdays!

MM:  A few months ago I had the pleasure to attend my friend’s wedding, and the musicians were Flamenco Band, 3 to 4 pieces, simply electric the music they play, sensational Guitar Players, and Flamenco has the spirit of the Caribbean.  Excellent musicians, sometimes we mix it up a little bit to make it fun and entertaining, but mainly Flamenco it is.

PP:  You have so many wonderful seafood entree's, do you get fresh fish daily?

MM:  Fish is what we do, mainly our Mixed Grille.  A Medley of 2 Local Catches matched with Shrimp and Scallops with Grilled Local Watermelon.

PP:  Ok!  Tell me about your new mixologist Sarah.  Her Abacus Signature Bellini’s is getting quite the buzz!

MM:  Sarah is our newest edition to ABACUS, smart and funny with the touch for the perfect cocktail.  The Bellini, our signature cocktail, is simply sensational.  Fresh peaches, gently pureed and enhanced with secret ingredients, then blended with Italian Prosecco, really refreshing and just the perfect summer drink, luckily we have summer all year long.

PP:  Many folks love to hit Camana Bay for lunch.  Tell us about your lunch specials?

MM: Lunch is indeed the time to have a great meal, Salads and Local Fish is the number one Dish, we keep it fresh and crisp, but then we have local Fish and Chips!!!

Hours: Dinner 5.30 ■ Lunch 11.00
Famous Prime Rib Night, Thursday, Friday & Saturday Night
Happy Hour 3:00 to 7:00
Live Music on Fridays
Phone: (345) 623-8282
E-mail: abacuscayman@candw.ky
Website: www.abacus.ky
Camana Bay, Grand Cayman


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