Pirates Week 2017


Pirates Week 2017 runs from November 9th through the 13th.  Five fun filled days of music, street dances, competitions, games, wonderful local food and drink, kids day, sports events for everyone, Heritage Day, glittering parade, pirates invasion, and fireworks galore!  There is just too much going on for you to miss out on. 

The annual Pirates Week festival, held in Cayman since 1977, is getting a face-lift as it marks its 40th iteration this year.  Major changes were announced to the schedule, condensing the festival, formerly spanning two weekends, now into five jam-packed days.

According to a tentative schedule released by the Pirates Week Festival, the entire event will take place on Grand Cayman between Thursday, Nov. 9, and Monday, Nov. 13, this year.  Pirates Week festivities will be held in Cayman Brac between Nov. 3 and 5, and in Little Cayman between Nov. 17 and 19. The Heritage Day events, which had been held in each of Grand Cayman’s five districts, will be winnowed down into one all-day event in George Town on Nov. 13, the last day of the festival.

“Spectators will have the opportunity to wander from West Bay to East End in just a few steps, while stopping off in George Town, Bodden Town and North Side along the way,” according to a statement from Pirates Week Executive Director Melanie McField. Meanwhile, all of the major Pirates Week events will be held during one long weekend, with Nov. 13 being a holiday Monday.  For instance, the popular cardboard boat races are set to be held starting at 11 a.m. in Hog Sty Bay.  They will end around 2 p.m., about an hour before the pirates landing and float parade at 3 p.m.

The “Trial of the Pirates” – the traditional end of the festival – will take place around 7 p.m. Monday, following the end of the George Town Heritage Day event.

Events on Friday, Saturday and Monday nights feature various street dances. A number of other events, including a swim meet, a 5K sea swim, the Pirate Pooch Parade, two Harbour Drive fireworks displays and the children’s fun day on Sunday, will be packed into a tight Friday-Monday schedule.

The start of the festival on Thursday, Nov. 9, will feature a Pirates Week happy hour, the steel pan competition and a kick-off party downtown from 9 p.m. that night until 2 a.m. Friday.

On Saturday we have a mock ‘pirate invasion’ from the sea!  Two old-time sailing vessels, loaded with pirates make a Saturday surprise landing at the bowl-shaped George Town harbor with the pirates capturing the Governor.  Thousands of people line the streets to watch the spectacle and its all good-natured fun with a new twist every year.  Families just love it.  It's the only event of its kind in the Caribbean region.

Festival organizers this week said they were not content to “stand still and regurgitate the same winning formula” from previous years.

The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism has a Visitor Information booth in the Customs hall of the Owen Roberts International Airport.  The Visitor Information booth is fully stocked with the latest tourist publications, brochures and other information visitors may need during a visit to the Cayman Islands.

We hope to see all our Passenger Picks friends in November, pirates and landlubbers alike with you, all ready to have lots of fun with us in the Cayman Islands.