Cayman Sister Islands

Sister Islands

Little Cayman

Little Cayman, the smallest and least developed of the three Cayman Islands, is located 80 miles northeast of Grand Cayman. A nature lovers dream, the island consists of 10 square miles of unspoiled surroundings. The island is truly small with the airport, post office and fire department all housed in one building. There is also one shop and one bank on the island so this little gem of an island is a great place to get away from it all. Little Cayman offers peace, relaxation and unspoiled beauty both above and below the water. Make sure while you are here to visit Owen Island, a short 200 yard kayak ride to your own uninhabited island!

Today the island is most commonly known in the diving community as the Mecca of the Caribbean. Bloody Bay Marine Park draws the majority of visitors to the island. All of the resorts have their own diving centers that cater to all your underwater needs.

Little Cayman History

LCBR 2Columbus discovered the islands in May 1503 when severe winds pushed his ships off course. He noted that the sea was full of turtles, so the islands were originally named Las Tortugas. Around 1540, the name Caymanas – derived from the Carib word for marine.

The first settlement was on Little Cayman when turtle fishermen set up fishing camps in the 1600s. Following a raid by a Spanish privateer it was abandoned in 1671 and not re-settled until 1833 when a few families established Blossom Village. By the early 1900s, several hundred people lived on Little Cayman, exporting phosphate ore, coconuts and marine rope.

During the 20th century, Caymanians turned to the sea for their livelihood and became LCBR 1outstanding sailors and fishermen famed for their independent spirit. Many Caymanian men joined the U.S. Merchant Marine and earned reputations as some of the finest ship’s captains and seamen in the world.

The Cayman Islands opted to remain a British Crown Colony when Jamaica voted for independence in 1962.

Little Cayman’s Geology & Wildlife

The three islands are an outcropping of the Cayman Ridge, a submarine mountain range that extends west from the Sierra Maestra mountain range in Cuba. All three islands are low lying and are composed of limestone and consolidated coral.

Little Cayman is the smallest of the three islands – just one mile by ten and the highest point is only 40 feet in elevation. Our undeveloped coastline is full of lagoons, mangrove forests, secluded beaches and salt ponds.

LCBR 3Little Cayman saw few visitors until recent times and this lack of human impact has allowed the wildlife, reefs and marine life to flourish. With a resident population of less than 170 people, most of Little Cayman still remains uninhabited. Conversely, Little Cayman’s indigenous Rock Iguana population is estimated at 2,000. The iguana has the right of way and signs painted by local artists were erected in 1995 cautioning motorists to watch out for them along the main coastal road.

Little Cayman is one of the region’s most important birding areas and the 260-acre Booby Pond LCBR 4Reserve is a RAMSAR site (a wetland of international importance). The Booby Pond Nature Reserve protects the largest colony of Red-footed Booby birds in the Caribbean – 5000 pairs. Best viewing times are the early morning, as the boobies leave the colony to fish far out at sea, and just before dusk as they are pursued by the waiting frigate birds. Spectacular chases result, as one or two frigate birds harass a booby until it releases part of its fish catch in order to escape.

The Sister Islands of Little Cayman and Cayman Brac provide a stop off for thousands of birds on their seasonal migration to warmer climates in the West Indies, Central and South America. Island birds include Loggerhead Kingbird, Bananaquit, Thick-billed Vireo, Vitelline Warbler and Zenaida dove. Many species of Heron, Pied-billed Grebe, West Indian Whistling-duck and Black-necked Stilt also nest on the Cayman Islands.

For more information about the Sister Islands, please visit the museums of Little Cayman and Cayman Brac during your visit.

Little Cayman Accommodations

Little Cayman Beach Resort

Little Cayman Beach Resort Website

LCBR I like to encourage my passengers to expand their vacation experience by carving out some time to visit Little Cayman or Cayman Brac. Better yet carve out a week and feel all the tension and stress leave your body. Today Little Cayman is most commonly known in the diving community as the “Mecca of the Caribbean”. Jacques Cousteau was inspired by the local Bloody Bay Marine Park and called it "World Class". Little Cayman Beach Resort is a great diving and beach resort on the island! Having access to one of the world’s top ten dive sites (Bloody Bay Wall) is almost enough to justify the visit, but when one adds an outstanding dive operation, excellent food, and true concierge service, this destination resort on tiny Little Cayman is a rare treasure. Caribbean Travel Life voted them Best Little Hotel 2011. Check out Little Cayman Beach Resort, a recent Passenger Pick of the Month.

Pirates Point Resort


Pirates Point ResortPirate's Point Resort on Little Cayman offers a friendly and cozy atmosphere where guests enjoy sparkling turquoise waters, secluded white beaches, amazing sunsets, and incredible gourmet cuisine. What sets Pirates Point apart from other vacation destinations can be summed up in four words: food, diving, service, and personality. That a full eighty percent of our guests are repeat customers is a fact that speaks for itself. They will do whatever they can to make sure you have a wonderful vacation experience. Little Cayman is known for some of the best diving in the Caribbean, an incredible underwater world saturated with coral reefs and stunning marine life. They will guide you on long, relaxed dives and give you a memorable underwater adventure. You will also enjoy snorkeling, bike rides, nature walks, and fishing. Truly a one-of-a-kind place, there is something for everyone. Pirates Point Resort looks forward to welcoming you. (345) 948-1010

Conch Club Condominiums


Little Cayman Conch Club The Conch Club Condominiums, nestled on secluded South Hole Sound, set a new standard of luxury resort living. Enjoy breathtaking views everywhere you look. To the south, you face a sparkling ocean and 400 feet of uncrowded white sand beach, and to the north, one of the Caribbean’s largest bird sanctuaries, home for several rare species. With luxurious accommodations, the unit is fully furnished with all the comforts and conveniences of home. Enjoy fully-equipped modern kitchen, two fresh water swimming pools, jacuzzi and outdoor deck and patio areas. The incredible coral reefs that hug the island are a diver’s dream and a fisherman’s fantasy. World class diving is just minutes away with Conch Club Divers who are ready to take you on an unforgettable dive experience. They are the in-house dive operation of Conch Club Condominiums. They also offer a variety of instructional courses at their Dive Center with high standards for first class facilities, diver-friendly services and safety standards. Whether you are an advanced diver or snorkeler, Conch Club Divers offers professional and friendly staff to assist you in every way, making your dive vacation a truly memorable one. (345) 948-1026.

The Club at Little Cayman
The Club Website

Southern Cross Club
Southern Cross Club Website

Paradise Villas
Paradise Villas Website

Blossom Cottage
Blossom Cottage Website

Little Cayman Dive SitesLittle Cayman Dive Sites

  • North Shore Jackson Bay
    • Cascades
    • Pauls Anchor
    • Nancys Cup of Tea
    • Mikes Mount
    • The Meadows and Eagle Ray Round up
    • Jackson Bright
    • Cumber Caves and Bus Stop
    • Sarahs Set
    • Blacktip Boulevard
  • North Shore Bloody Bay
    • Mixing Bowl
    • Marilyns Cut
    • Donnas Delight
    • Randys Gazebo
    • Ringers Wall
    • Great Wall East
    • Great Wall West
    • Lea Leas Look Out
    • Coconut Wall
    • Barracuda Bite
    • Joys Joy
  • South Side
    • Lighthouse Wall
    • Pattys Place
    • Dynamite Drop
    • Charlies Chimneys
    • Black Hole
    • Lighthouse Reef
    • Pirated Point Reef
    • Richards Reef
    • Gays Reef
    • Windsock
    • Gundys Gardens
    • Hooray Reef
    • Soto Trader
    • The Edge
    • Paradise Plunge
    • Howards Holes
  • Snorkeling Sites
    • Three Fathom Wall
    • Sarahs Set
    • Bus Stop
    • Cumbers Coves
    • Jacksons Reef
    • Eagle Ray Round Up
    • The Meadows
    • Mikes Mountain
    • Nancys Cup of Tea
    • Jackson Point
    • Owen Island

Cayman Brac

The Caribbean islands are known for producing some of the best diving spots in the world. Today the Cayman Islands have become synonymous with exquisite diving adventures off any of their islands, to include Little Cayman and Cayman Brac.

There are no ferries operating between the islands so the only way to access the other islands is by air. Cayman Airways offers several flights daily to and from Grand Cayman and between Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. There are no buses on these sister islands so you will either have to hire a car or rent a scooter or bike.

Cayman Brac is the most easterly of the Cayman Islands and is only 12 square miles long and one mile wide. The Brac is divided into five districts; Spot Bay, Creek, Watering Place, Stake Bay and West End. The focal point of Cayman Bracs unique topography is a dramatic limestone formation that dominates the middle of the island, starting at its highest point on the eastern end of the island at 150 feet above sea level and gradually declining. The Brac (Gaelic for Bluff) boasts numerous trails and thousands of caves, many of them undiscovered because of the lush vegetation that abounds. This mountainous formation is the highest point on the Cayman Islands.

Cayman Brac is also known for its numerous caves to explore. Many of the caves are not that easily accessible so be prepared if cave hunting is something you wish to do. Some of the biggest cave attractions are: Peters Cave, Bats Cave, Rebeccas Cave, Half-Way Ground Cave, Nani Cave and Great Cave.

Another great adventure to the Brac is diving. Whether you are looking for shallow or deep walls Cayman Brac and Little Cayman offer divers of all experience levels the dive of a life time.

Here are your choices for accommodations on Cayman Brac

Brac Reef Beach Resort
Brac Reef Beach Resort Website

Alexander Hotel
Alexander Hotel Website

Waltons Mango Manor Bed and Breakfast
Waltons Mango Manor Website

Cayman Breakers Condominiums
Cayman Breakers Condominiums Website

Brac Caribbean Beach Village
Brac Caribbean Beach Villiage Website

Carib Sands
Carib Sands Website

Cayman Brac Dive SitesCayman Brac Dive Sites

  • Boat Dives
    • East Chute
    • Tiara Tunnels
    • Anchor Wall
    • Kissimee
    • MV Capt. K P Tibbetts aka Russian Destroyer
  • Shore Dives
    • Radar Reef
    • Cemetery Reef
    • Oceanic Voyagers
    • Caymans Lost City of Atlantis
    • Buccaneers Inn
  • Snorkeling
    • Capt. Tibbetts
    • Fisheries
    • Greenhouse Reef
    • Grunt Valley
    • Jans Reef
    • Pillar Coral Reef
    • Radar Reef
    • Snaper Reef