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Cayman Island Restaurant Discounts

With the frequently updated Passenger Picks Fun Fact Sheet, you can always count on the most up-to-date Cayman information. Cayman restaurant discounts are updated monthly. Download and enjoy great advice with great savings for many of your favorites! To download, please enter your name and e-mail address.  

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The creation of the famous Passenger Picks fun fact sheet was a journey that started over 12 years ago. I found myself constantly marking up napkins on the way to Grand Cayman to share the best of the best to do, according to the advice of other passengers who frequently vacation there. I was not able to do that for 157 passengers before landing so I created the fun fact sheet to add value to all my passengers, instead of the few who received my napkins. It takes 7 excellent reviews to get on the sheet, and 3 bad reviews you come off. Then I asked the respective restaurants owners if they were willing to give my passengers 10% off, if they showed them the sheet. Many, but not all, of the restaurants said yes. So the Passenger Picks “fun fact sheet” became a must download for Cayman Island restaurant discounts. You must be able to show the sheet to receive your 10% special Passenger Pick Cayman restaurant discount. I receive no commissions from their gesture of kindness. I have no way of tracking how many folks use the sheet. This simple sheet has added value to many folks flying into Cayman. Cayman discounts are important to many families vacationing on the island. So I made it available to all as I can’t be on everyone’s flight. Down load and enjoy good advice and many Cayman discounts on restaurants and excursions.