Cayman Transportation

Car Rentals in Grand Cayman with Budget are among the lowest priced on the island and they offer you one of the newest fleets available.
Many Passengers who have own their own boats at home and want to lease a boat for their vacation, contact Leisure Boat Cayman.
Apex Cayman Islands is a licensed franchise with professional management experience in the Cayman Islands since 1979.

Cayman Travel Tips

Grand Cayman Transportation Tips:

Below you will find some useful driving tips to know when you are vacationing in the Grand Caymans. As always be aware of your surroundings and please do not drink and drive; the life you save may be your own.

Grand Cayman Car Rental and Driving Tips:

The Cayman Islands are a British Crown Colony and we drive on the LEFT side of the road! You must be 21 years to drive a rental car. All visitors to the Cayman Islands who intend to drive any vehicle are required to purchase a Visitors Driving Permit for US$7.50 each (one-time charge, valid for six months or duration of stay, whichever is shorter) - except individuals who hold a valid International Drivers License.

Cayman drivers are known for their courtesy so you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to get a break when trying to merge onto bumper to bumper traffic. Major roads are paved and lookout for traffic lights found widely in George Town to help with congestion. You can get a street map from the car rental agency plus advice on directions and other driving tips. Despite the laid back and courteous reputation of the islanders, we are not without our share of aggressive drivers.

Remember, when pulling out LOOK RIGHT!

I would highly recommend you look out for other tourists (vehicles with white plates) and especially for pedestrians in George Town near the cruise terminal. Beware of speed limit signs. These are posted in MPH. Again, when pulling out LOOK RIGHT and remember to drive on the left!

Grand Cayman Taxi rates and conditions

Taxis in Cayman can be a bit expensive. Click HERE to get taxi rates.

Grand Cayman Buses and Routes

There are several public buses that run throughout the different districts. The bus terminal is on Edward Street, adjacent to the Public Library, in George Town. Daily services commence around 6 am and fares start at CI $1.50. Licensed buses have blue number plates and accept both US and Cayman Islands dollars. There are a few bus stops around the island, but buses can be flagged down from the side of the road. For further information about Grand Cayman's bus service telephone 945-5100, or click on http://thebusschedule.com/EN/ky/

Avoid Roaming Charges on your Smart Phone on island

Call your cell phone provider. Contacting your service provider or researching their roaming policies online is essential because fees and policies vary by carrier. You also want to confirm before you travel that your phone will work at your end destination and that your plan has the appropriate features for international roaming, if applicable. For example, I knew that because T-Mobile uses the GSM technology prevalent in most countries, my cell phone would work overseas. However, I didn't know that I needed to contact T-Mobile to have the international roaming add-on (which is free on their service) activated.

Now that you have the roaming rates and details from your service provider, consider your voice and data usage needs for this trip. Do you need to be able to make and receive calls? Do you need real-time GPS, Internet access, or other data services on your device? Will you have access to wi-fi hotspots or Internet cafes and therefore can use wi-fi on your device instead of using the cellular data service? How you proceed depends on how you will be using your device on your trip.

If you want to be able to make and receive phone calls, but don't need data services on your trip, turn off "data roaming" and "data synchronization" on your device. These options will most likely be found in your general device or connection settings. On my Motorola Cliq, an Android smartphone, the data roaming feature is found under Settings > Wireless Controls > Mobile Networks > Data Roaming. The data sync setting is under Settings > Google Sync > Background Data Auto-Sync (this tells the phone to automatically sync my calendar, contacts, and email; it's on by default). Your menus will likely be similar.

Keep in mind that even if you turn off data roaming and data sync, third-party apps can still turn these back on. Therefore, you need to be sure you don't have any apps installed that will override your data roaming settings. If all you want to do is make/receive phone calls and you're not absolutely sure you don't have any apps that would turn data roaming back on, consider leaving your phone at home (turned off) and renting a cell phone just for your trip.
Alternately, if you won't be making outgoing calls but just want to be reachable, follow the step below to have access to voicemail over wi-fi.

Put your phone in Airplane Mode if you just want wi-fi access. Airplane Mode turns off the cellular and data radio, but on most devices you can leave wi-fi on. So, if you'll have wireless Internet access (e.g., in your hotel), you can still go online with your device and avoid the data roaming charges.
Virtual phone features found in VoIP software/services and web apps like Google Voice can be a godsend in this instance. They allow you to have a phone number that can be forwarded to voicemail and sent to you as a sound file via email--which you can check via your wi-fi access.

If you do need cellular data access (e.g., for GPS or Internet access outside of wi-fi hotspots), turn data roaming on only when you use it. You can put your device in Airplane Mode, as above, and then when you need to download data put your phone back to its default data-capable mode. Remember to turn Airplane Mode back on afterwards.

Cayman Best Car Rentals

Budget Rent A Car


Best transportation - Budget Rent A Car Car Rentals in Grand Cayman with Budget are among the lowest priced on the island and they offer you one of the newest fleets available. Whether you’re looking for a low priced economy car, a sporty SUV, or a large 9 seat van, Budget has your rental needs covered. Conveniently located at the rental car plaza access to Budget is a simple walk across the street upon your arrival at Owen-Roberts International Airport. Budget Rent A Car has been serving the car hire needs of the Cayman Islands for over the last 30 years! Whether it’s your first time to the island, or you’re a seasoned Caribbean traveler, let Budget Rent A Car of Grand Cayman serve you on your next trip! By using the easy navigation bar to the top of the screen, you can browse our fleet, get the coverage information you need to know, and even book your rental car directly with us and take advantage of some of the island’s lowest rates! (345) 949-5605.

Apex Car Rentals


Best transportation - Apex Car RentalsApex Cayman Islands is a licensed franchise with professional management experience in the Cayman Islands since 1979. With corporate origins from New Zealand and Australia, Apex is an award winning brand and recently named the number one car rental company in New Zealand. Apex is part of the Budget Group of companies and Grand Cayman is the very first location in the Western Hemisphere. When customers rent from Apex, they will have peace of mind in knowing that they have rented with a quality company that is licensee of one of the largest, international car rental companies in the world. Apex Car Rentals caters to the price savvy consumer while at the same time providing exceptional customer service and quality late model automobiles. They offer a variety of vehicles ranging from the most economical to mid size and larger SUVs. Apex Car Rentals is located in the very center of the main airport rental car center, near Budget, just a short walk away after you exit Customs. E-mail: apex@candw.ky. (345) 949-4808

Andy's Car Rental

>Andy’s car rental was established in 1987. Over the years, they have taken pride in being able to offer their customers the lowest rates and friendliest service. As a local family owned business, they are always willing to do their best for the tourists who travel to the Caymans. Passengers love the frequent user’s discount. Get 15% off regular summer rates and 10% off regular winter rates when booking at www.andys.ky. Weekly rates already include 7th day free!

Coconut Car Rentals

Coconuts has been providing quality rental vehicles and service since 1971. They operate one of the largest car rental fleets in the Cayman Islands. They provide many convenient locations for pick up. They became a passenger pick because of the variety of vehicles they have to choose from.

Marshalls Rent-A-Car

This Company provides dependable, courteous service at reasonable rates. Passenger love the unlimited mileage and they offer a 10% discount off for direct Internet Bookings (inquire about blackout dates, Christmas & Easter. Discounts cannot be combined).

Economy Car Rental

This company offers reasonable prices and the convenience of an office at the airport. They offer an extensive variety of cars and sports-utility vehicles for your every need.

Cayman Best Air Lines

Delta Airlines

With daily non-stop flights from Grand Cayman to Atlanta, Detroit and Minneapolis, Delta Airlines offers convenient connections to hundreds of cities. In fact, Delta flies to more than 350 destinations on 6 continents, serving more than 160 million passengers each year. It's an important job, that's why Delta has 70,000 dedicated employees who are up to the task every day, on every flight. Some of Delta’s most popular service features include:

  • SkyMiles: the leading frequent flier rewards program.
  • Award-winning BusinessElite domestic and international service.
  • 50+ Delta Sky Clubs all over the world.
  • Delta Fare Sales: amazing deals announced regularly.
  • Delta's Force for Global Good: doing the right thing in communities around the world.

In Grand Cayman, Delta has a particularly outstanding station team of friendly faces.

Cayman Airways


Best transportation - Cayman AirwaysAs the national flag carrier for the Cayman Islands, Cayman Airways is the best way to travel between Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac, operating their Twin Otter aircraft.

Cayman Airways also operates non-stop Boeing 737 jet service between Grand Cayman and the following major US cities: Miami and Tampa, Florida; Washington DC; New York, New York; and Chicago. Nonstop jet service is also provided between Grand Cayman and regional destinations, including: Kingston and Montego Bay, Jamaica; Havana, Cuba; and La Ceiba, Honduras.

Cayman Airways was established and started operations on August 7, 1968. It was formed following the Cayman Government's purchase of 51% of Cayman Brac Airways from LACSA (the Costa Rican flag carrier) and became wholly government owned in December 1977. A few months after it was formed, Cayman Airways flew its first international route to Kingston, Jamaica. The airline acquired its first jet aircraft in 1978 and began services to Houston. In 1982 the airline acquired a Boeing 727-200 aircraft to strengthen the airline's regional and international capability, also allowing for the introduction of first class service. These jets were eventually replaced with Boeing 737-300 series, and during the 1980s Cayman Airways offered scheduled or charter service to Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Newark, New York, Philadelphia, & St. Louis. Today Cayman Airways employs a staff of 300+ with two national and eight international gateways.

Cayman Best Boat Rentals

Cayman Islands Boat Rentals


Best transportation - Cayman Islands Boat Rentals Many Passengers who have own their own boats at home and want to lease a boat for their vacation contact Cayman Island Boat Rentals. Grand Cayman boat rentals have been heightened to a fine art by MooreMarine. The sense of freedom from owning your boat in the Cayman Islands can now be achieved by every visitor wanting to explore our azure waters. MooreMarine has four different styles and sizes of boats for rent in Grand Cayman. You can pick from the popular 22' Bowen Center Console for large groups or added roomor the 18' Morado Bow Rider for a fun comfortable cruise to the beach. Vacationers can also enjoy MooreMarine's Wave Runner rentals in 3 and 6 hour intervals. Imagine having your own Wave Runner on a day at the beach to play with!! The wave runners can also be used on a fun North Sound excursion to view the wildlife or to visit Grand Cayman's treasured mangroves. Call (345) 916 5572